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If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or laundry, it’s vital to hire a qualified plumber. Trying to conduct the necessary connections and installations without the right knowledge can lead to a costly disaster. We at Australian Licensed Trades can take care of all your renovation plumbing needs. Our team install sinks, toilets, tubs and all other fixtures. Whatever your budget, our seasoned and trustworthy team will make sure your needs are met.

Whether you are after a simple modern touch up or a luxury renovation, we can accommodate your needs.

Our team will strive to maximise water efficiency for your renovation project, without compromising on your hot water and pressure requirements. We provide a fixed quote guarantee, so you won’t be hit with any hidden fees over the course of your project. All our work is guaranteed too.

Contact our Wollongong region plumbers today on 0429 399 888. We take on projects in Shellharbour, Wollongong, Nowra, Ulladulla, the Southern Highlands and surrounding regions.

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What We Do

We provide a comprehensive range of renovation services. These include:

Plus, much more.

Get in touch with Australian Licensed Trades today. We will exceed your expectations.